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Buy Modern Furnitures in Auckland

Whether you decide to furnish your newly renovated home or replace the worn-out furniture, consider it an opportunity to leave a great first impression on your visitors. Complement your home or office decor with modern furniture that offers superior comfort and an irresistible eye appeal.

Luxe Living is an online furniture store in Auckland where you can find the perfect piece of furniture for your home or commercial space. Through our stylish range of furniture, we offer a lifestyle that's enjoyed by our customers and envied by their neighbors.

Spruce up your living space to your taste with our stylish furniture that adds practicality and aesthetic value to all kinds of settings from loft to live casino style. Being one of the leading Auckland furniture shops, we offer something for every room: from plush beddings to compact coffee tables to the designer sofa and dining chairs. 

You choose; we deliver. Shop now to get a hassle free and quick shipping to anywhere in Auckland.

Auckland Furniture Shops

Life is too short to live with boring furniture. If you appreciate unique designs and don't mind paying a little extra to spruce up your living space, we have the choicest furniture and accent pieces to suit your taste. Whether you want to create a relaxed environment for your family or make the most of the available space to improve aesthetics, we have got your priorities right. Furniture makes 'brick and mortar' a home If you have recently moved into a new home, you might want to retire your old furniture and catch up with the trend. Our stylish range of furniture strikes a perfect balance between convenience and modern living to give you the best of both worlds. Being one of the few furniture stores in Auckland that understand your elite furniture preferences, our focus rests on quality and innovation to deliver the finest furniture within your budget. Our furniture range is designed keeping you in mind. And here’s what’s in it for you.


Your comfort is our priority. With ergonomic design, super comfy upholstery and a sturdy frame to support the weight, our furniture can transform your home into a wellness zone. 


As much as comfort is important, there’s no substitute for style. Let your interiors stand out with our stylish furniture and accent pieces that scream luxury. 

More Space

Space constraint should never be an issue in your modern home. With our intelligently designed storage accessories, you can have more carpet space at your disposal. Luxe Living provides stylish furniture pieces that maximise your home’s potential in terms of aesthetics, space, comfort and ease of use. From dining chairs to plush lounge

furniture to accessories, we have something for everyone.

Buy online and have your furniture delivered to your address safely. Auckland-wide shipping available. 

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